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Your 3 Free Assessments in Day 2
Strength Assessment: This assessment allows us to measure the strength of all the major muscle groups throughout your body.  Don't worry, you'll get to lay down the majority of the time so you won't be working up too much of a sweat!  On Day 3 we'll review your results and show you your report (similar to the chart in the picture).  This will give us a clear picture of what muscle groups we'll need to focus on in order to start alleviating your pain for good.
Mobility Assessment: Tightened muscles are a contributing factor in back pain, so this mobility assessment allows us to look at the range of motion for all of your major muscle groups.  This gives us all the info we need so we can pinpoint exactly which muscles will need to be stretched in order to give you instant pain relief in the short-term.
Trigger Point Assessment: Trigger point targeting is one of the first steps we take with any type of pain.  Trigger points bunch up the muscle and hinder flexibility--not to mention they're super tender to the touch (another part of the pain you're feeling!)  In order to relieve you of pain in the short-term and pinpoint those trigger locations we'll use one of our massagers on you and work out all the knots! 
More Stories of Back Pain Relief...
"When I first came to TNT I was having neck and lower back pain everyday. I have had two major back surgeries and TNT designed a work out to accommodate my limitations. I’ve been going to TNT for almost a year now and my life has completely changed. I no longer have the severe neck pain and I’m gaining mobility with my back. I have more energy and I no longer want to lay around all the time. If I experience pain the guys will address my pain before a work out or have me come in. I’m so thankful that Tyler messaged me on Facebook. Walking in the first day was the hardest part, but they make you feel like one of the family."
-Donna J.
"I was told at PT that my back pain was from my SI joint 'going out'. Subsequently I would have sciatic pain affecting my left hip and leg. Sometimes it was difficult to walk with that pain. I just lived with it. I'd get a little better and then it would get worse again. A friend convinced me to try TNT. To be honest I didn't have a lot of faith in getting any lasting help. I limped in the door on my first visit. Tyler spent several visits locating my 'trigger points' and massaging them out. He would also stretch out those problem areas. After only a couple of stretching sessions I discovered I wasn't having pain. I was afraid to talk about it because I really didn't believe it or believe it would last. Slowly I started on a gentle workout program with close supervision. Now I understand the importance of strong muscles for hip and pelvic stability, flexibility, balance and more. It's exciting knowing that I'm working on goals to get stronger, increase endurance, and feel better in my own skin. The guys and gals at TNT are open and friendly. Also they really work at making everyone feel welcome! They cheerfully greet clients and say goodbye when we leave. It feels like I'm among friends who are rooting for me--kind of amazing."
-Cheryl M., 
Client since April 2018
"I was in an accident almost a year ago. I was still in a lot of pain despite trying several different treatment modalities. I was at the point of needing to consider the more traditional route---MRI, possible surgery, etc. Coming from a massage background and having used a personal trainer before, I knew that just more personal training was not going to “fix” my problem. 
 I was at lunch one day and overheard a conversation David was having with a client that had just been through the initial assessment. I thought to myself, “These guys are doing something different.” 
 The moment I walked through the doors at TNT I knew I was in the right place. I went through the assessment and they showed me what my weaknesses and imbalances were and what we would be targeting during my workouts and my mobility sessions. I am blown away by every single person in the TNT family and by their commitment to their clients. What a positive, upbeat environment to walk into. They are always inventing new ways to help me as pain presents itself in my body. I know that working with them will enable me to enjoy an active lifestyle for many years to come. "
-Shelia C.
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